Analgin Injection 500mg/5ml, 2.5g/5ml GMP Certified Western Medicine Analgin Sodium

Product name: Analgin injectionCategory: InjectionPackage: 500mg/5ml*100ampoules/box                 2.5g/5ml*100ampoules/boxBrand: OEM/GMP Packaging Details: As usual, we also can make as your requirement.Function of the attendingThis product is used for

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Product name: Analgin injection
Category: Injection
Package: 500mg/5ml*100ampoules/box
Brand: OEM/GMP 
Packaging Details: As usual, we also can make as your requirement.

Function of the attending
This product is used for heat , and can also be used for headache, migraine, muscle pain, joint pain and dysmenorrhea.
This product also has a strong anti-rheumatism effect, can be used in acute rheumatoid arthritis, but because this product can cause serious adverse reaction, rarely in rheumatic disease application.
1. This product is more susceptible to adverse reactions, especially for injection of acupoints, especially for joint points.
2. It is not suitable for drug allergens (such as pyrazolone) to be used in combination with any other drug.
3. This product should not be used for long periods.
Prolonged use can cause reduced granulocytes, thrombocytopenia purpura, severe patients with aplastic anemia and even death.
4. The dosage should be strictly controlled, and the adult should not exceed 0.5g at a time, and the child should be at 8 ~ 10mg/kg once.
The weak should be used with caution.
Adverse reaction
This product is less stimulating to the gastrointestinal tract, but can cause the following adverse reactions:
1. The blood, can cause agranulocytosis, about 1.1%, the incidence of acute onset, the person that weigh is deadly, may also cause autoimmune hemolytic anemia, thrombocytopenic purpura, aplastic anemia, etc.
2. Skin can cause allergic manifestations such as urticaria and exudative erythema, such as dermatitis dermatitis and epidermosis, etc.
3. Local reaction. The injection site can be redness and pain, and it will only subside after a few days.
Some patients have the symptom of toxicaemia, subcutaneous bleeding point, or have the purple black abscess, often need a few months to heal.
4. Allergic dermatitis or drug fever, urticaria, severe patients can be stripped dermatitis and epidermatitis of the epidermis leading to death.
An individual case can have anaphylactic shock, or even death.
5. Occasionally to sweat when injected, the symptoms can be broken.
Special drug population
pregnant and lactating women's medication:unsuitable application.
old man's medicine:unfavorable application. 
Pharmacological action
This product is a combination of aminopyrine and sodium sulfite, easy to dissolve in water, relieve heat and analgesic effect more quickly than aminophene.

Analgin Injection 500mg/5ml, 2.5g/5ml GMP Certificated Western Medicine Metamizole Sodium

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