China High Quality Livestock Feed Additive Garlic Allicin Powder

Specification:NameGarlicin(Allicin) oil 99%Colorwhite or light yellow AppearanceLiquid Ash Content5% maxPackage25kg/drum or as per client requestPart Whole herb Bulk Density40-60g/100mlArsenic5ppm maxLead2ppm maxTotal Plate Count1000cfu/g maxTotal Ye

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NameGarlicin(Allicin) oil 99%
Colorwhite or light yellow 
Ash Content5% max
Package25kg/drum or as per client request
Part Whole herb 
Bulk Density40-60g/100ml
Arsenic5ppm max
Lead2ppm max
Total Plate Count1000cfu/g max
Total Yeast&Mold1000cfu/g max

Garlicin powder used in agriculture as insecticide, fungicide, also used in feed, food, medicine. As a feed additive, it has the following functions:
 (1) increase the flavor of broiler and turtle. Add garlic element in the feed of chicken or turtle, can make the fragrance of chicken, turtle becomes thicker.
(2) improve the survival rate of animals. Garlic has the function of dissolving, sterilizing, preventing and curing diseases. Adding 0.1% allicin into the feed of chickens, pigeons and other animals can improve the survival rate by 5% ~ 15%.
(3) increase appetite. Allicin has the function of increasing gastric juice secretion and gastrointestinal peristalsis, stimulating appetite and promoting digestion. Adding 0.1% allicin preparation into the feed can enhance the palatability of the feed. Lure food and increase it. Send out distinctive garlic fragrance, make animal produces appetitive feeling, make it fast ingest; At the same time, it can enhance gastric juice secretion and gastrointestinal peristalsis, promote digestion, thus promote animal growth, and significantly improve feed remuneration.
(4)Resisting moulds and insects,Various moulds can be wiped out and fly and amggot killed efficiently.Sanitary environment be kept and feed material kept longer.
China High Quality Animal Feed Additve Garlic Allicin Powder for Poultry


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