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Cyromazine 98%Cyromazine Soluble Graunlar2%/5%Cyromazine Premix 10%Cyromazine Soluble Powder10%/50%/75%CyromazineMolecular Formula: C6H10N6Molecular Weight: 166.18Cas Number: 66215-27-8Mixing in the feed for a special purpose to control flies.It is a unique pest-nourishing flavoring, it can prevent normal growth from grub to pup

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Cyromazine 98%
Cyromazine Soluble Graunlar2%/5%
Cyromazine Premix 10%
Cyromazine Soluble Powder10%/50%/75%

Molecular Formula: C6H10N6
Molecular Weight: 166.18
Cas Number: 66215-27-8
Mixing in the feed for a special purpose to control flies.
It is a unique pest-nourishing flavoring, it can prevent normal growth from grub to pupa effectively, then die out the flies and other insects.
It can control all sorts of flies of animal breed aquatics farm.
Effect is quick and highly, safe to use, no toxin side effect, no residue, no pollution for circumstance, and no withdrawal time.
It has no cross-resistance with other drugs and it can control all kinds of drug-fast flies.
The cost in using is low and convenient.
Product Type:Insect growth regulator for the control of fly larvae by topical treatment of breeding sites.
Description and CompositionCYROMAZINE is available as
1. CYROMAZINE 2 SG, a soluble granulate containing 20 g of cyromazine per kg
2. CYROMAZINE 50 SP, a soluble powder containing 500g of cyromazine per kg
Properties:Cyromazine, the active ingredient of CYROMAZINE, is an insect growth regulator belonging to the group of triazine derivatives. Cyromazine interferes with the chitin metabolism of the insect. Treated larvae will not molt to the next stage and thus the cycle of the fly will be interrupted. The molecule also shows a high specificity for fly larvae.
First instar larvae are much more susceptible to cyromazine than second and third instars. The effect on the adult fly population becomes visible approx. 2 weeks after first application of CYROMAZINE.
Indications:CYROMAZINE is used for the control of fly larvae in animal houses and public hygiene.
Dosage and Administration:Apply 0.5 g of a. I. / m2 directly on manure or on other fly breeding sites. This corresponds to:
25 g of CYROMAZINE 2 SG per m2
1 g of CYROMAZINE 50 SP per m2
CYROMAZINE 2 SG can be dry scattered, poured or sprayed.
CYROMAZINE 50 SP has to be diluted before spraying or watering.
Two to three treatments at fortnightly intervals are usually sufficient to get fly population under control. The simultaneous use of an adulticide is recommended, in order to control the influx of adult flies.
Special Precautions and Warnings:Avoid contact with skin and eyes.
Formulations and Packages:CYROMAZINE 50 SP is available in bulk and 250 g jars.
CYROMAZINE 2 SG is available in bulk and 5 kg bags.
Storage RecommendationsStore in cool and dry place.
Shelf LifeShelflife of CYROMAZINE 50 SP and CYROMAZINE 2 SG is 5 years in moderate climate and 3 years in tropical climate.

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GMP Cyromazine / Cyromazine Premix / Cyromazine Soluble Powder/Cyromazine Soluble Granules

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