Glutathione Injection + Vitamin C Injection + Lipoic Acid Injection

Advanced Glutathione &Vitamin C&Cindelle InjectionSpecification: Glutathione for Injection 1500mg             Vitamin C Injection     500mg/5ml             Thioctic acid Injection   25mg/5mlFuction: Antioxidant;Skin w

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Advanced Glutathione &Vitamin C&Cindelle Injection

Specification: Glutathione for Injection 1500mg
             Vitamin C Injection     500mg/5ml
             Thioctic acid Injection   25mg/5ml
Fuction: Antioxidant;Skin whitening, Protect the liver;Anti-aging
Brand Name: Rex Pharma
Usage:  IM OR IV
Package: 8 vial glutathione per tray per box, 8 solvent VC per tray per box, 8 amp thioctic acid per tray per box, three boxes per set.
Product nameRex Advanced Glutathione 1500mg, Vitamin C, Cindelle
Specification1500mg gluta+ 500mg/5ml VC+25mg/5ml Cindelle
Each Ampoule Cindelle containsThioctic Acid 25mg
PackageEach Sets contains:8 vial gluta per tray per box+8 solvent vc per tray per box+8 amps thioctic acid inj per tray per box
Shelf life36 months
FunctionSkin whitening;Skin Lighting;Anti-aging
Usagetwo vial per time per week or one vial per time, two times per week
StorageProtect from light and moisture.Store in a cool dry place
WarningShould not be used by pregnant or lactating women

Effects & Mechanism

-Skin whitening:
Glutathione inhibits an enzyme called tyrosinase, which produces melanin, the dark pigment in the skin.
Also, Glutathione works to clear the body of free radicals and toxins that can lead to serious skin problems like hyperpigmentation and melasma,as well as more common ones like sun spots.
-Protect the liver:
Through the transmethylation and transpropylamino reactions,Glutathione can protect liver in synthesization, detoxication and inactivating hormone, and increase metabolism of cholic acid, to promote assimilation of fat and fat-soluble Vitamin (A,D,E,K) in alimentary tract.

- Anti-Aging:
Glutathione is the most important and effective endogenous antioxidant. There is a direct correlation with the speed of aging and the reduction of glutathione concentrations in intracellular fluids. As individuals grow older, glutathione levels drop, and the ability to detoxify free radicals decreases.
Suggested Dosage:
Glutathione would be administered IV Drop Infusion for whiten and brighten the skin would be better effect.
Intravenously: dissolve the product by attached solvents and then diluted with 250 ml 0.9% sodium
chloride solution or 5% glucose solution, and then administered by slow intravenous infusion over a period of between 30~60 minutes.
Micro needles:
Administered under the direction of cosmetic physician. It has good effects when combined with Vitamin C Injection & Thioctic Acid Injection.
Different people have different condition,consult your professional doctor before using this products.
• People with renal inadequacy or other serious disease used with caution. Suggest applying to healthy bodies.
• For those lactating and pregnant-Not recommended for use.
• For those with asthma-Glutathione can increase the symptoms of asthma, and can worsen it. So still,avoid this for those with asthma.
• Products for parenteral use should be visually inspected before administration, when the container
or the solution makes it possible, in order to possibly detect the presence of particles or of an abnormal color.
• Do not use in case of presence of turbidity or precipitates.

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